Monday, February 1, 2010

Practice makes perfect!

Charlie Brown & Snoopy Cake
i made this in a very short notice, cake was still warm to touch. anyways idea was too quick to decide, the lady whom ordered this cake foe her son said, 'anything' so i just make 'anything' that came out of my mind or my hands... finish in less than hour!! cute!!

The King Cake, one of Cars Pixel character. this is my first car cake and i'm telling ya it's not easy. from sculpting the cake and covering the cake, i tried hard to make it more real as i dont want it to look like a 'cut-and-paste' fondant covering as i seen some car cakes on the net.
Walla!! i did it!

Strawbeey Shortcake Cake
The idea was to carve a strawberry shortcake cafe, but due to some reason it became a 2 tier-stack onto cake. it finished in a minute! i think i made a cute figurine!!!

My first cupcakes-cake!!

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