Friday, January 29, 2010

Doll Cake ready for Grammy 2010

this dress is inspired by a dress worn by Miley Cyrus for Oscar 2009, well of coz different colors and i change it to just ruffles...
love the clutch!

i was stuck in highway when i got a phone call from Mimi wanted 100 of cupcakes and doll cake i said 'yes' before she told me 'i pick it up tomorow night'..then i fanted!!! (knowing i already have 3 3D cakes to do... and she's my neighbour...)
anyways... practice makes perfect, i need those practices to be perfect!! so i took the order and done!! thanks Mimie, love ya!
btw i did all the GP topper first before i started with baking


  1. Lovely cakes.. just curious on the doll cake, can eat the whole doll or only waist down? :)
    All the cupcakes look so nice, feel so 'sayang' to eat them.