Saturday, May 22, 2010

Cookie galore!

aren't they sweet and saucy!??

Cupcakes Orange-green-black!

These are for hantaran, fitted nicely in its hantaran box!
Thank you Yanti

Hantaran cake

Calla lily cake for a wedding gift/hantaran

Shaun the sheep cake

This cake too me a month of excitement... love love love this sheep!

Boat Cake

Made this cake for a wedding hantaran/gift for Hafiz and Najwa, see the above initial...

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Animal Print Cake

Sweet 16th Cake
oh i have been wanting to make such cake and God answered my prayer, thank you!
The very bubbly mom of Tiffany, Chris called me up only a few days before the party and again because i wanted it so badly i took the order! heard they loved it, and yes as i told ya all my cakes has a 'oohh wahhh' factor!

Mother's Day Cake

Weeho! in spite of very hectic schedule i managed to get some times to make this 'bunch' and oh it was for mother's day celebration!
Happy Mother's Day moms!

Mickey Mouse Cake

Mickey Mouse Cake in buttercream
i decided to do it free-hand coz i had a lil time to do it coz it was a last minutes order
lucky thing it turned out very well!
Thanks to Mas of KASK!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Pretty doll cake

made this lovely cake for little Natasha, Mdm M contacted me 4 days before she wanted the cake by, it was kind of really last minute order but she was lucky coz i was doing my baking and thinking 'oh ok... might as well do it...'
so there you go.. as u see all are made by me and i personally like this cake, love the colors!


boops again??? oh yeah...what do you do with this boops?

Oh Boys???

Happy Birthday Bad (Badlishah is hi sname..)

For Mr Andrew, he works at Shipping Co. and loves golf!!!