Monday, December 14, 2009

Cartoon Galore!

Powerpuff Girl 3D Cake

Pillow fighting? yeah good thing huh!
Powerpuff Girl Cake for sweet girl's 2nd birthday, ordered by miss Audra for her daugther. I met her for first time when she came to pick up these 3 cakes, she's happened to be my neighbour (never seen and met before) and she saw my blog trough Sara Forum. Thank you so much Audra!

Pooh Cake
Happy 1st birthday Sophie!
Mickey Cake
Happy 1st birthday to Ella!


  1. Do you have any christmas type of cup cakes? would be good to have it, as thinking of giving it out as gift (in a party for 20 people or so).

    what do you reckon?

    please let me know ->



  2. Ken, i've replied to ur email. TQ

  3. Hi kak Liza,

    Nice cakes!!!Is the alphabet cutters u used here the FMM cutter? or is it the patchwork alphabet cutters?

    It's me, Fanny (KK) your SK course mate :-)

  4. Fanny, yes it is the FMM cutter...

    hey dear i never attended SK course... (squires kitchen>???)