Monday, June 28, 2010

Wedding tier cake

made this in a very (VERY) last minutes, i have got the order on thursday morning and to deliver it on friday afternoon. i have about 30 hrs...
ok, i have to tell you all here that to make a nice decor cake, i actually need to bake the cake-let it cool and firm up-that's one day, then i have to trim and level it before i ganache it-takes1 or 2 hours to get a smooth finish ganache and best to let it set for a day, then only to decorate it. the process is a 3-days. any cakes that take faster than the above mentioned process wont have the bestest finish!

Cake for a handyman???

Tools cupcakes

Handyman daddy and playfull son

Baby Cookies

Pretty cookies to welcome pretty babies!

Pretty Macarons

It's an in thing nowadays, people are wondering and wanting to get macarons. I'm proud that i made them myself. To order please sms me @ 0124042524

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Saturday, June 12, 2010

First Birthday Cake

Ava is celebrating her first birthday! Butterfly and a girl figurine, that was what her mom told me. So this is what i sis and she was amazed with the cake and coincidence that her mom did birthday banner using green and pink papers! hahaha... good ones!

Toy Story Cake - Buzz Lightyear

Decoration and Buzz Lightyear figure are fondant on buttercream cake

Red Calla Lilly Cake

here's pictures of cake with/without wording

Saucy Cupcakes

Lovely girl wanted an LV Neverfull as an anniversary present, auww! hope u get it girl!

some details